Hennlich - industrial corporate video

Hennlich s.r.o. is based in Litoměřice, Czech Republic. Hennlich is a dynamic developing company, which focuses on professional customer support in the fast changing market of complex technological solutions and technical products.

The client was interested in a promo cover video, which would help introduce their field of expertise and pleasant working environment to their business partners and to the general public. We brainstormed our filming ideas for the video during a one day visit and location scouting at the company's headquarters.

We spent a lot of time on pre production to create detailed filming plan, therefore we were able to execute all of the filming in one day with a crew of 5. We used the client´s graphic and branding materials with a combination of hi- tech animation and a photo story to help tell their story.

The Collective Production specializes in manufacturing, industrial, corporate, case study and testimonial videos.